8 Must-Know web sites for women that like Girls .

8 Must-Know web sites for women that like Girls .

Whether you ve become on the world for a long time or have actually just leave the dresser (congrats), you ll wanna save these best internet sites for lesbians and bisexuals. From suggestions columns to must-know information to pure recreation, these 8 internet will encourage any lady whom wants ladies. So, check-out my personal selections for top sites for lesbians and bisexuals –and let me know which web sites you ve been stalking!

1 SheWired

One of the primary top websites for lesbians and bisexuals we ve discovered is shewired.com. a supply of Here mass media, Inc. (subsidiaries are the supporter, Out, and Here TV), this great site produces reliable, amusing commentary on problems influencing the lesbian community in addition to big supporting of enjoyment. Thus, any time you re rooting for Callie + Arizona and like keeping up-to-date on governmental issues, start thinking about joining the SheWired people!

2 Autostraddle

Every morning, we awaken and determine me that now s a single day we m never planning to search autostraddle (we m never ever successful).

What can I say? Whether you re in the search for a unique services shirt or should sit back and study a bit about Sailor Moon and feminism, here is the site individually. Even although you wear t datingperfect.net/dating-sites/meowchat-reviews-comparison consider yourself lesbian or bisexual, Autostraddle s articles typically drip with cleverness, laughter, and progressive attitude. Plus, the reviews point is often civil –even inviting. And there s nothing to not ever like about this.

3 Most People Are Gay

Kristin and Dannielle of everyoneisgay.com are two of my personal a lot of favored everyone previously, and I also wear t have any idea all of them (maybe not directly, about). Nevertheless, I ve visited depend on their own wise suggestions about sets from being released to handling money. Go-ahead. see those inquiries off the torso!

4 After Ellen

Logo websites afterellen.com is actually addictive, partially because you will get missing within its material in fact it is updated every weekday and include recaps of Pretty tiny Liars and Grey s Anatomy, movie instructions, and a lot more articles, online forums, and celebs. They s a time-suck easily ve actually ever seen people!

5 Dark Female Dangerous

While blackgirldangerous.org was focused toward LGBT people of color, every woman who loves women should look over their thought-provoking, boundary-pushing parts on queer rights, government, looks image, and racism. Your website are spearheaded by writer Mia McKenzie, whose unique, the summertime anyone have Free, is a Lambda Literary Award finalist. To get going, take a look at blackgirldangerous.org’s roundup of many hazardous posts of 2012.

6 Lambda Literary Foundation

Comprehensive disclosure: Back in college, I was a lambdaliterary.org intern. This nonprofit boasts a refreshing reputation for remembering LGBT literature. Besides holding a yearly awards service and authors escape, the inspiration lately launched a new-and-improved web site. Chock-full of publication product reviews, interview, properties, and information, the site is ideal for lesbians and bisexuals who desire to grow their particular LGBT learning databases. We d particularly suggest it for ladies who are closeted or freshly out and require some guidance from inside the guide department.

7 Dapper Q

For most butch females and tomboys, piecing together a streamlined garments may be certainly not simple.

And that s in which dapperq.com comes in. My girlfriend monitors they on a regular basis for styles and common recommendations and I currently like Dapper Q s brand-new Tomboy Femme Fridays ability.

8 Equally Wed

If the 2012 election month ended up being any indication, wedding ceremony bells have the atmosphere for LGBT couples. Should you decide re planning a-trip along the aisle along with your beautiful lady, you ll desire to visit over to equallywed.com for fashion and beauty tips, photos from actual wedding receptions, and wedding equality reports. All together today, aww!

These are 8 of my personal leading internet sites for females who like girls. Those that would you plan on looking at? Have you got any very own favorite web sites to enhance record?