Data from 2020 CPD making use of force report indicates black color people tangled up in over half the department’s reports


The Columbia authorities office used its residents police assessment panel Wednesday morning at 6 p.m. at area hallway.

The deck mentioned status news, an election of a new vice-president, and taking feedback through the market.

The 2020 Columbia Police force office using force state premiered last month. CPD revealed 246 report of usage of power are generated in 2020. Having pressure reports are actually out 18.33per cent from the 2019 review.

The Columbia authorities Department classifies ‘use of force’ under 24 various kinds of actions. According to the department’s report, bringing or demonstrating a firearm am the best variety of the application of force in 2020, expressing 238 accounts. Equilibrium shift had been 2nd on that list with 123 reports.

The sort of telephone calls received that brought about making use of pressure differ from multiple telephone calls. The top three types of messages that contributed to a police officer usage of pressure feature; interference, site traffic get rid of, and guns misdemeanor.

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